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January 21, 2013
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Luigi struggled to free himself but he was trussed up tight. In the end he only managed in gaining some room to breathe. He stopped struggling and panted. How could this happen? Only a few hours earlier he and Mario had again rescued the lovely Princess Peach from the clutches of the wicked King Bowser. They were exiting the castle when it happened.

Walking behind the Princess and Mario, he noticed something was wrong. Usually on the way out the Goombas, Koopas and other guards would have dragged themselves away to lick their wounds and await their Kings wrath. Not this time though. He could see them in the shadows of the entrance hall they were now in, sneaking about in fear of another stomping from the brothers.

"M...Mario?" Luigi called to his brother who had just walked through the massive entrance doors.

Mario turned only to have the doors slam in his face. "LUIGI!"

Luigi spun round, panic grasped him as Bowsers minions left the shadows and charged. He instinctively jumped back only to be caught by the throat in mid air. He gasped and struggled but to no avail. "Bwahahaha" Luigi turned cold. He was turned around only to come face-to-face again with Bowser.

"Wha..wha how!?" Choked Luigi.

"Later Green 'stache" Bowser growled and flung Luigi to the floor with force knocking the wind out of him. He commanded his army to tie him up in the dungeon. Luigi was carried away helpless.

Outside Mario and Peach were desperately trying to find a way back inside. The doors had been barred the second they exited and all the windows were the same. Every single entry point seemed to have been taken care of. After awhile they heard a cackle behind them.

"You won't be getting back inside now"

Mario bounded forward. Though tired from his fight with Bowser he was prepared to battle again.

"What have you done with Luigi!?" Demanded Peach.

"Oh he's fine but I'm afraid we need him for just a little while"

"Give him back!" Mario leaped at Kamek but unfortunately he was staying high out of Mario's reach.

"Enough, it is time for you to go" Mario instinctively stepped in front of Peach as Kamek fired his ward at them. "BEGONE!"


"What's all the hullaballo!? Has the Princess returned!?" Toadsworth scurried up the grand staircase of Peach's castle only to be nearly run over by Toadburt.

"Yes. They almost landed on my head by boogity"

"On your head!?" asked an incredulous Toadsworth.

"Yes, there I was reading in my favourite part of the library when all of a sudden I hear these 2 pops. They fell right out of thin air right next to me"

The pair ran into the library to find both the Princess and Mario sitting up rubbing their heads and looking around confused. "Whata happened?" slurred Mario. "We're in…the library!?" said a surprised Peach. "Yes Princess you have returned home safely…though usually you use the door" amused Toadsworth. "It was a huge surprise you appearing out of nowhere like that by boogity" chuckled Toadburt. "Hang on a just a minute" Toadworth looked around now alarmed. "Where is Master Luigi!?" "Oh poor Luigi he was taken by that cruel Bowser!" Cried Peach. "Well we must get him back by boogity" "Of course we will but we only just returned from Bowsers castle if we go back right now we'll be in no condition to take him on again!" "No I havea to go now and save my little brother" said Mario jumping up off the floor only for Peach to grab his hand. "Please Mario, if you go right now you'll be so tired Bowser will be able to take easy advantage of it. Do you really think Luigi wants you to get injured or worse trying to save him?" "I guess you're right Princess but I will set off early in the morning. If you will excuse me"

With that Mario turned and went to get food and some rest before he set off in the morning.

Toadsworth turned to the Princess "Well first things first you need some food and rest dear Princess, you can tell all when you are ready" "Yes thank you dear Toadsworth." Peach let Toadsworth lead her out of the library.

Luigi let a tear roll down his cheek, he hoped Mario and the Princess where OK but he also wondered why they had not also been caught in this trap. Surly Bowser wanted Peach but he had seemingly just let her and Mario go. Was he really after him all along? No that was crazy. Why would Bowser go to all this trouble just for him? Luigi shuddered. He didn't want to think about what the Kooper King could possibly want. He jumped as the door was opened forcefully, banging against the wall to reveal Bowser himself. He gulped, his eyes wide as Bowser stared down at him. He trembled as Bowser stomped over and shoved his face right up to Luigi his foul breath making him cough.

"How are you enjoying my hospitality Green guy?" Bowser chortled. "I was hoping dear Peach would stick around longer but with your help soon she'll be here all the time"

"She woulda never stay here with you and I woulda never help you" Luigi blurted out.

"Bwahahaha! You really think a wimp like you can stop me!? Not even Mario can stop me this time. I will have Peach and will watch him despair as you help me"

"I.WOULD.NEVER.HELP.YOU!" Luigi felt his fear disappeared as his anger rose.

"Oh but you will…you will have NO CHOICE!" At this Bowser picked up Luigi and threw him into the wall. "I WILL FINALLY HAVE PEACH, THE MUCHROOM KINGDOM AND EVERYTHING I DESIRE…and it will be all down to you." He whispered these last few words. Luigi couldn't reply, he had been winded again. Bowser turned and yelled for Kamek who appeared beside him. "Kamek that airship best be ready by now" "I'm sorry my lord but we still haven't completely fixed it from the last battering those plumbers gave it" "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAWR!!!" Bowser swiped at Luigi who just managed to flatten against the wall so he would miss. "I don't care if it's damaged WILL IT FLY!?" "YESYES my lord it will fly" Kamek stuttered taking a step back. "That's all we need, load the cargo" He growled and stomped out. "Yes my lord" Kamek bowed and turned to Luigi. "Come then cargo" He raised his wand.

Mario had managed to get a few hours sleep and a bit of food but that was it. He was restless while he knew Luigi was in danger. Nothing good could come of him being captured by Bowser that was certain but he also just couldn't understand why Bowser would take him in the first place. He couldn't work out if it was planned or not. The door had just closed on them, surely it could have been any of them on that side of the door. Mario took off his hat, scratched his head and sighed. He was tired but he knew he would get no more sleep that night.

In the morning Mario set off for Peach's castle to say goodbye and make sure the Princess would be safe while he was gone (Well a guy can hope can't he!?) It was yet another deceptively peaceful day in the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario practically ran to the castle in his haste to start his journey. Hopefully Bowsers defences would still be down from the last attempt, it was only one day since after all. As he ran he noticed someone was coming towards him at speed…YOSHI!

"Letsa go!" Cried Mario as he leapt on Yoshis back. "Yoshi" They continued on and were soon at Peach's castle. Mario leapt off and ran up to the doors which opened to reveal Peach. "Princess" Peach held up her hand.  "Mario, I know you cannot wait any longer to go and rescue Luigi. So all I will say is goodbye and may you both return safely" Peach leaned over and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. "Goodluck"

Mario jumped back on Yoshi with renewed vigour and they set off back to Bowsers castle.
I decided to write a story and I love Luigi so it's about him! I only started yesterday but I do intend to finish it I just don't know how long it's going to take so if you enjoyed this first part please bear with me. I'll try and get it done as quick as possible...then again I don't actually know how long this is going to end up being. I've never written a story properly before, I've attempted it but gave up before finishing a paragraph so the fact I've done this much is a wonder 8D

I am writing this as I go along so I might come back and change stuff...just a warning! I wanted to upload this first part to see if anyone actually enjoyed it anyways! ^^;

All characters belong to the wonderful Nintendo of course!

Chapter 2 here > [link]
Chapter 3 folks > [link]
Chaper 4 ppls > [link]
Chaper 5 me lovelys > [link]
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SMDKFan Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013
THE-StoryMaster64 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013  Student General Artist
You have a great plot for your little fanfic here. The story content is nice and it's got great potentual, but it has room for improvement.

Your main problem is your grammer and spelling. Although throughout most of this chapter your writting is accurate there are a few errors I'd fix.
For example you wrote Luigi was "caught by the throught in mid air!", when the word I asume you ment was throat. Typing into Microsoft Word (or any other system with a spell check) would prevent most mistakes like that.

I also noticed that you use exclamation points a little to much. I understand that you are trying to make you're story exciting, but it actually take away from the fanfics power. Try only to use the exclamation point within dialoge(when somebody yells something) not to add emphasis to certain non spoken sentences.

Aneath Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013
Oh thank you! I always have trouble with that word. I was going to check the spelling before I posted but I forgot. >_<
Um yeah I do have a bad habit of using exclamation marks lol I'll try n cut a few out.
Thanks for the help ^_^
THE-StoryMaster64 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013  Student General Artist
No problem, you're doing a really good job.
Aneath Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013
You're far too kind XD
I updated it so hopefully that's a bit better...the spellings right at least ^^;
THE-StoryMaster64 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013  Student General Artist
No reason to feel embarassed; my first few attempts were horrible!
Aneath Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2013
Well it's going better then I thought. People are reading it at least. XD
THE-StoryMaster64 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2013  Student General Artist
Haha, that's a plus.
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